Hi you all, here is a bit of explanation on how I plan to get started. As you may already know, I am new to this business and on a very small and tight budget so I'm going to start slowly to avoid making big mistakes.

I considered for a while using the kickstarter platform but between the "special low price" for backers and the 8-10% for Kickstarter itself, I would have lost quite a lot of money. Money needed to reinvest immediately in sculptor commissions and mould making.


So here is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna start just with the Wood Elf Villagers Set1 on the 17th of February and I'm going to ask you the full price :

For France : 11 € + 1,60 € = 12,60 €

For the EU : 11 € + 2,40 € = 13,40 €

Rest of the world : 11 € + 2,60 € = 13,60 €


Now, I know that some of you will see the price as quite high but please do consider the quality of the sculpts and details, also the fact that all 8 figurines are in unique poses and you find 7 accessories inthe set (1 potter wheel, 2 chairs, 2 small tables, 1 basket and 1 beehive).

I promise to you first customers that you won't regret it, please do trust me.


After the wood elves set will follow the Orc Villagers Set 1, then an adventurers pack with 4 adventurers all in foot and mounted versions. You can already start drooling on this one, as my FB profile picture show the mounted version of the dwarf cleric named .... Khadrin how odd !!!

After the adventurer pack, it will be "To infinity... and beyond !!!


A big thank you to you all who are about to give me their trust... and their money ....


Thierry "Khadrin"

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