Hi again people. As I told you before, the official launch will take place on the 17th of February. But I changed a few things, first of all, you can pre-order starting from today but your orders will be shipped only on the 19th of February. This will give me time to make things smoothly as it is all new for me, I hope you'll understand. The other change is that instead of having only the "WOOD ELF VILLAGERS SET 1", you'll be also able to purchase the "ORC VILLAGERS SET 1" from the launch too.

Please spread the word on your forums, blogs, with your friends etc ...

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    Stéphane (Sunday, 11 February 2018 21:34)

    C'est une bonne nouvelle d'avoir les deux sets disponibles en même temps. J'aime bien leur nom de famille "1" :D