Hi you all ! I've seen many times people saying that they'd love to purchase stuff from SLM but that the shipping costs and taxes were too high. So, "Hear hear", I've been discussing the issue with David McBride from SLM and I'm going to get some of his stuff available on Khadrin's Miniatures. Being on a small and very tight budget, I'd like to avoid piling up in my store stuff that won't sell. So in order to both please you people and avoid having a lead hoard here, I will ask you who are interested to get in touch with me either on this website contact page or on my Facebook page by Message. We'll discuss your order. Once I'll have enough stuff I'll make a group order and you'll find it available on my e shop.

I'm waiting to hear from you ...


Bonjour a tous ! J'ai vu de nombreuses fois des gens dire qu'ils sont intéressés par des figurines de chez SLM mais que les frais de port et les taxes sont bien trop hauts. Eh bien, "Oyez Oyez", aprés en avoir discuté avec David McBride de chez SLM, je vais m'arranger pour que ses figurines sont disponibles sur Khadrin's Miniatures. Mais, étant sur un petit budget trés serré, j'aimerai éviter d'accumuler des figurines qui mettraient trés longtemps a se vendre. Donc, pour a la fois faire plaisir à ceux que çà intéresse et éviter d'avoir un pile de plomb chez moi, je vous propose de me contacter via la page contact sur ce site ou via Message sur ma page FaceBook. Nous parlerons de votre commande et lorsque j'aurai assez pour faire une commande de groupe, vous trouverez vos articles disponibles sur ma e-boutique.

J'attends de vos nouvelles ...

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    Darron Bowley (Tuesday, 06 March 2018 21:35)

    Hi there,

    I saw the post you made on Wargame News and Terrain about Splintered Light Miniatures. If you can ship to the UK then I would be immensely keen to purchase there 15mm lines. They would be a great compliment to my Demonworld miniatures.



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    Khadrin's Miniatures (Tuesday, 06 March 2018 22:07)

    Hi Darron
    Of course once I'll get the stuff delivered from SLM, I'll ship all over Europe. What I suggest is that you make a wish list that you can send me through the contact page or through Facebook.

    Thierry "Khadrin"

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    Ian (Saturday, 02 May 2020 12:40)


    Do you have any Romano British in stock.